software defined receiver is KiwiSDR software defined receiver.

Location is located in Kaustinen, Finland.


2020-07-20 ALA1530LN installed outdoors. Rotator control is broken. Controller does not come online.
2020-01-13 I got Wellbrook ALA1530LN. It is now installed to antenna switch connector 6. Loop is placed indoors, but seems to work quite nicely. Signal levels are not very high, but distorts are not neither.
2019-12-29 I wrote KiwiSDR exetnsion to use Kenpro KR-600 rotator. Extension is called iframe. I also ordered Wellbrook Active Loop Antenna ALA1530LN. When it arrives, I am going to make it rotate.
2019-xx-xx 110m wire was fallen down. There was new building consturction near kiwisdr site and antenna remains down until construction is finished.
2018-10-03 Moved KiwiSDR receiver from plastic to aluminium case, tried reduce noise. No much difference.
2018-10-02 110m wire antenna was down on a ground. Cutted 10m away. Now it's up again. Length 100m antenna 10 meters above ground.
2018-08-06 Changed ubiquiti radio linkk to fiber optic internet connection. Lower latency and more realiable connection.
2018-07-06 Added 15 meter copper grounding 60cm under ground
2018-04-05 Changed 110m wire antenna feed cable to aircell5 and ferrite toroid to material 31, 7 rounds through ferrite
2017-11-18 Common mode ferrite toroid filter to 110m wire antenna feed point. Fair-Rite Ferrite Rings 43 Toroid (Mouser 5943003801). About 15 rounds of rg58. It worked! A less background noise now on 80m band now.
2017-11-11 Intalled two Cannywell EMI filters to UPS power outlet.
2017-11-06 Installed Fair-Rite ferrite toroids material 77 (Mouser 5977002701) to powerline and ethernet. Toroid ring near receiver (Mouser 5943003801). No much difference. 34kHz interfence from APC SmartUPS 750XL's internal charger still loud and clear
2017-10-28 Wire antenna 2 extended to 110meters
2017-10-23 Wood harvester cutted tree where 64m antenna wire was attached. Antenna dropped to ground. Expect poor performance.
2017-10-01 Exprimental tin roof antenna. Connected 100meters long tin roof to antenna switch using 1:6 balun
2017-05-30 Removed Comrod and Solarcon A-99 antennas from ant-switch. I have russian R-250m receiver and CB radio and need antennas for those :D
2017-05-17 Grounded UPS properly to attenuate APC Backups pro intenal battery charger interference near 70kHz. A lot better.
2017-05-15 Changed unshiedede RJ45 cable to shielded
2017-03-23 UPS failure - reboot
2017-03-09 Added Canny Well CW4L2-20A-T EMI-filter to 240VAC line
2017-03-03 Network connection problems. Ubiquiti radio links needes reboot. And firmware upgraded to 8.0.2
2017-02-23 Connected to AMPRNET
2017-02-12 Installed Solarcon A-99 vertical antenna
2017-01-09 Comrod connected to antenna switch
2017-01-09 Antenna switch installed
2016-10-23 RA0SMS mini whip installer
2016-10-16 GPM-1500 vertical installed
2016-10-07 Better GPS antenna
2016-12-11 connected to internet published
2016-09-28 KiwiSDR receiver arrived - working at desktop


64m wire comrod magbalun receiver solarcona99 wimo-gpm-1500-and-ra0sms-miniwhip-and-gps